Mrs. Natoli - Music

Music Education at Central Union School & Stratford School

Students will understand the elements of music: melody, rhythm, harmony, timbre and form.

How these elements relate to each other.
How they manifest themselves differently through cultures, history and media.
How music can be understood and evaluated through analyzing these elements.
How the elements can be used to create new music.

Students will assimilate this understanding through singing, moving, listening, creating, playing, reading and analyzing...

Music of:

Our American History
Our Many American Cultures
The Music of Many World Cultures
The Music of the Western Masters (Classical)
The Music of our Popular Culture
The Music of the Future (their own creations)
The Music related to other Curriculum

Thus, our students will gain:

Better listening skills
A new connection to their own creativity.
Better understanding of others and other cultures.
Skills with their voices and with instruments that can be used for a lifetime.
Interpersonal community building and cooperative skills.
A gateway of acceptance of many musical styles, encouraging a lifetime of enjoyment.
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Central Union Music Calendar


Central Cookie Dough Sale
Monday, Oct. 21 - Nov. 6

Central Intermediate Bell Recital
Sixth Graders Performing at the Lemoore Senior Center
Thursday, November 12th, 10:30

Central Happy Holidays Program
Thursday, Dec. 17th 
Participating Classes:  Kindergarten, First, Second, & Third
 5th Grade Bells.  Times in the afternoon, TBA

8th Grade Honor Bell Recital:  late February or early March
Time, date and place TBA​

Central 7th Grade Honor Bells Recital:
Friday, May 13th - at Central Room 7, Time TBA

Central: 4th & 5th Grade Recorder and Bell Recital - May 13th,
 in Room 7, Times TBA

Central 7-8 Honor Bell Trip: Time, date and place TBA

Kindergarten through eighth grade music teacher at Central Union and Stratford Schools.
Bachelor of Music from the Conservatory of Music at University of the Pacific, Stockton, California
Credentials in Music Education and Multiple Subjects from California State University at Fullerton